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Broko wrote:
Sorry if my reply sounded too stingy, but you are right nevertheless.

The problem is, for some reason she coughs like she is about to die from most vaping setups that I try to set for her. I've tried many combinations and, surprisingly, she seemed to handle steam crave Aromamizer RDTAv2 most of all, and she didn't cough most of the time with it. The PG seems to make it worse.

At this point I feel like she has to make a push for it and not expect pure perfection from the start, but the struggle vs cigarettes is very real for her. It took me 3 days to quit, but she is resisting it badly.
Got it, no worries. She might have a sensitivity to PG which is not uncommon. It took me a month to make the transition to vaping with high nic and 70% PG liquids. I wished I could have quit as quickly as you did, but a two pack a day habit for 20+ years was hard to break. Good luck to you and your mother, I hope it works out :)

Thank you for the kind words - I really hope she finds the power to quit, one way or another.

It has been quite a shock for me too, coming in this apartment and inhaling the smoke residue that is constantly floating around. I can't believe I had smoked for almost 10 years, doing 1-2 packs a day. I also could not believe that it took me 3 days to quit fully... The only reason it took me 3 days is because I had no 2nd battery and smoked when it was charging, so I would smoke around 3 cigs a day per 3 days until I bought more batteries. That was it.

If only it was so easy for everyone else as well, I would be soooo happy.