wraithpc wrote:

I would try the ArcticFox firmware on it. If the firmware itself does not correct your resistance reading you can adjust the shunt value from the menu to correct it. Worth a shot.


Im gonna try that!!

Nailseayts wrote:

Try bumping the tcr value up a bit. I had the same problems with ss tc. Took the value up to 115-120 and it was better. In the end I gave up on TC as I get a better vape in power mode. In the last year I think I've had 1 or 2 dry hits and burnt one set of wicks buy accident, mod must have fired in my pocket.

I get the point of tc with limiting the temp and not creating chemical reactions with wires and flavorings or burning wicks but the vape is below par and I don't get the heat I want.

I tried it but not much improvement