Am I the only one that sees this problem or are there others? A few updates ago all 4 of mine started drifting down often when I unscrew an atomizer etc off then back on. I thought for while it was me bumping a button but nope does it lots, all of em. I hate to go back down in firmware to see where it started, as 3 I leave in TC all the time no drift there and I like this menu less presses to go TC to Power etc.. I use 1 for drippers and as a mod I swap tanks on all the time so I just use it in wattage. But they all do it in wattage mode I have tested them. They are old version mods and I have had em since they came out. They work fine just wattage creeps down some.

No big deal just curious is all, I use 25 watts so I just set it to 25.5 then takes a few swaps to get down a watt lol. Has nothing to do with certain toppers they all do it. Even my drippers that I have Kanthal in all the rest are setup for TC with SS. I just unscrewed my dripper and right back on and went from 25 to 24.9 always .1 at a time lol. Not loose contacts or the SS ones would mess up in TC and they don't. My coils get wrapped around the screws not stuffed under em and very tight (good tools) I never change coils some been in use from start just wire brush em with dremil & recotton is all don't matter new coil or old coil does it. Just took a Subtank from a Cuboid and screwed it on the VTC and bang down .1 it went. Switched to TC to test and all is well. Just tested 2 Cuboids they don't do it. And just tested the wifes VTC little older firmware (?) it also does it but she never leaves TC with hers and she swaps tanks lots.

Weird assed things. Anyways not concerned just a PITA is all. The rest of the VTCs and Cuboids have tanks that stay on them same tank/flavor all the time in TC, I just use this 1 for swapping, most of the time it is a dripper on it. I bet they did it in firmware to push folks to buy ver 2 and I sure don't need a clock. I just swapped battery and it did it agn. Least it don't go up. Damn Joytech, but hey for 30.00 and many months old like new hey great.