ShelaghStone wrote:

are you speaking of those little black rings of PVC, I think they are, that sell here for about $7 a package?

If so, how does that help?
I was never able to have ANY attys work once I put those on an atty?
I thought they were too thick so the 510 connections did not work.

Perhaps I should dig them out and try again on one of these mods, cuboid or vtc?

I've never understood why people screw around with plastic spacers when they could be using an actual heat sink, like SKU 3538506. Heat sinks aren't much more expensive, and rather than having a thin piece of plastic which might or might not shore up your 510 connection and might or might not sort out a gap, you have something that will keep your atty/mod a bit cooler, has its own adjustable 510 pin with insulator, and keeps juice out of your mod 510. My TC builds always have a rock solid connection since I put heat sinks on all of my mods, because I can adjust the heatsink 510 if need be to get that connection working properly... plus it saves wear on my mod 510 connections, and I don't have to remember to wipe juice and/or condensation out of my 510 a few times a day, to boot.

Yes, it adds a few mm of height to the atty/tank, but if that's the price of admission for not getting juice in my mods, not wearing out the 510s of my mods, and having solid TC that *never* boots me back into power mode for no reason, then I'm okay with that.