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Uh...coils, anyone?
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#1 (permalink)      8/25/2015 6:56:43 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Uh...coils, anyone?
Are there going to be replacement coils for this?
More than most, less than few...And way too much to ever fit here...
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+1 details
I could be wrong, but it appears that the coil that comes with the tank resembles the Kanger Subtank coil (just on the bottom). So if need be, you could remove the top cap of this coil and the top cap of a Subtank coil (not the new vertical Subtank coils as they do not separate like this) and place the YKC-50 top on the subtank coil bottom. The top and bottom should just be press fitted, so two pairs of pliers, something between the pliers and the coil (eg. paper towel - avoid scratches), then just twist and pull.
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