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"Chimney type" MTL atomizers (What would you buy as an alternative to this?)
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#1 (permalink)      7/2/2017 10:42:39 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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"Chimney type" MTL atomizers (What would you buy as an alternative to this?)
This is such a great atty that I'm thinking of buying another, just to have spare one!
Old gold!

It also has acrylic tank, so you see the eliq content... no leaks, stable as rock!
Only weak part is ceramic cup which can easily be broken, its fragile.

What would you use - if you didn't have this? Probably some kayfun or taifun, but which one?
(I personally didnt like v3 mini; its airer, aroma is different for me, its so easy to accidentally open tank instead of liquid control. Purchased KFLv2 Plus and -- its waiting for me to play with it.) ;-)

...and since FREEDOM sale is coming, I want something:

1) with glass or acrylic (visible content, so that I don't have to refill when it burns out // got Zephyr RDA and filling mechanism over the deck is hard... but its worth $4 - you can try your DIY liquds with it/has a purpose ;)
2) with chimney
3) with small air holes on the deck
4) with narrow drip tip (chimney preferred) that requires you to pull slowly.

Rose v2s gives, and gives, and gives... I don't know how v3 compares to it, but this one is an amazing, loveable atty. For everyone who prefers MTL.

Pretty much -- what gives similar vape experience like rose v2s?

New trend is mixing DL and MTL (ie Chthulu) aka having to have reducers... maybe its worth trying.
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If you like MTL, I'd suggest FEV4 SKU 7798400.
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I don't have one or any immediate plans to buy one, but if I was looking for a new MTL RTA, I'd probably get a Skyline.
Woah, mama!
#4 (permalink)      7/3/2017 7:02:52 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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The doggy 2K16 SKU 6353800 gets a vote from me, got 2 of them, i use them every day.

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Buy another Rose and some replacement ceramic cups. This is my absolute favorite MTL tank and plan on buying two more.

SKU 1928001

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#6 (permalink)      7/4/2017 1:09:37 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Added Skyline + FEV4 to cart.

Already have Doggystyle and I love it too!

Yet Rose v2s is, for me - reference point. Best MTL atty I tried.
Kayfun v3 Mini cant compare, flavor-wise. Deck is small to build, you can accidentally open wrong portion and spill liquid... I also have Kayfun Lite 2 Plus but didnt try it yet.
Rose is SOLID! No leaks, perfect in any way.

Other than Skyline & FEV4, Im considering:

SKU 1766601
SKU 5620700
SKU 6245700
SKU 6340201
(both are kinda mixed - MTL&DL)

...but whole point is to get what Rose v2S gives - AWESOME flavor.

Never bought or tried any Taifuns.
I already bough (but didnt try) SKU 3718300, SKU 3909800, SKU 5672300, UTA2 & Merlin (SKU 2778100, SKU 4962100) -- ALL in attempt to beat Rose v2s.

I already checked, but people dont go deep into discussion there; just list their favs.

I completely agree! Having more than 1 Rose is perfectly fine with me.
Already bought few ceramic cup pairs. Unbeatable MTL atty! Old... but not obsolete.

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