Damn it !

I said I wouldn't get the stumpy rose until they listed the poly tank section here, But after staring at the photos for ages I decided that it looked like the Kayfun tank section would fit, So I ordered one.

Incase anyone else has this idea.... No, They don't fit properly.

The threads are about the same diameter, But courser on the rose and the length of tank that's threaded is a fare bit shorter. You CAN screw a Kayfun poly tank on a few turns, But then it jams up a couple of millimetres before you get the O-ring to seal, So I think I might try shaving a little off the length of a Kayfun poly tank section at some point to see if that allows it to fit well enough to use.

It sounds dodgy, But as the rose has the one piece chimney/drip tip supporting the tank laterally all the threads on the tank have to do is hold the tank parts together tight enough for the O-ring to seal. I'm guessing it should work.

I'll post here when I get around to trying this.