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Whose rebuilding on this without leaking?
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I just read through here, because I dig convos about RBA builds on these newer tanks. Will take an opportunity to learn or help any chance I get.

I don't have a Goliath, but I do have the Zephyrus, and one thing I discovered last night kinda floored me. I've been using the stock DT and that weird little heat sink too just because. I've had scattered luck with the Zeph, as much as I ultimately love it, but this last build and wicking kicks ass, doesn't leak, and I can vape up to and beyond 60 watts or so without any dry hits. You certainly can over power the juice feed with any build in one of these form factors with too much power, obviously. All about finding your perfect vape with your build, wicking, and power. I build differently for mechs and regulated devices for that reason.

Anyway, yesterday I had received an order of Muji cotton and a new Oso-style DT that I included in the order for the hell of it. I popped it on my Zeph and within a couple hits I was getting burnt cotton. Just changing the DT. Much smaller diameter air hole in the new DT, so I can only conclude that physics involved with the increased the vacuum in that chamber pulled vapor off the coils faster than the juice could feed. Just enough to make a difference anyway. I popped the stock DT set back on and back to vape heaven. Air opened up, proper vacuum again. So freakin weird.

So the moral of my story is y'all are right - interesting how such minute changes can make the biggest difference. If you are getting dry hits on a build where you thought you shouldn't, maybe try a wider-bore DT before you start over with the wicking. Because apparently it does make a diff. :)
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^Thats a great example of what I was trying to get across. Airflow, vacuum obviously plays a part as well, and thanks for sharing.

I love the Goliaths ( both versions ). Not every body will. I know from my own experience that it's ok if one likes this or that, as we are all that different. Heck, even I change the way I like things from day to day lol

It's still good to compare notes though. You never know when someone will turn you on to a new idea here :D hard to beat this forum for 'straight up answers' LOL
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