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V1 and V2 random thoughts
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#1 (permalink)      8/4/2015 5:32:51 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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V1 and V2 random thoughts
I received the V2 a couple of days ago. This one looks better but vapes pretty much the same with a slight improvement in airflow and sleeker lines.
The AFC works well and I can notice a difference in all the settings from 0-100%
The V2 has a slightly larger deck which helps to stop the shorts when cramming nickel coils.
It had hardly any machine oil which only needed a quick soak in boiling water.
Unscrewing the deck is not a problem on mine but once its all screwed in the juice flow control is impossible to adjust. This isn't too much of a problem as I leave it open all the way and wick accordingly. 60VG/40PG
I tried the single coil first but found it a bit too restrictive and won't be using that anymore. With the single coil it felt like the Lemo2 but with muted flavor.

The best thing about the Goliath is the you don't have to drain deck access. With Kanthal I didn't need it but am always tweaking the 30guage nickel.
Another thing I have noticed with the Goliath is the same coils - 7 wrap 30guage will read .009 in this but the same coils on a Goblin or Zephyrus will read 0.06

Its a bit overpriced but has pre-built coil option and single coil option which just bumps the price.

I'd go for the clone to try it out at $22 it looks pretty good.

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I wasn't going to buy it but I trust your review and think i shall

thx :)
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