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#21 (permalink)      7/16/2015 12:34:06 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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DefMunky wrote:

I bought the original Goliath over the Goblin for the juice control, primarily, plus its ability to wick max VG juices effortlessly. While the juice control is a nice idea, it isn't something I ever use. I leave it wide open. Even with higher PG juices it still doesn't leak with it wide open. It's mainly just nice to have to shut off when you have the tank off to work on the deck to prevent any spillage if it gets knocked over.

Please note that I still love the authentic Goliath V1 and I will most certainly buy the authentic V2, I just don't see the juice control as an effective argument to pay over four times as much for an authentic tank that otherwise isn't that different from the clone of another tank, if that makes sense.

Well, I had an experience with the goliath that opened my eyes to this idea. I wicked it with less wick to see where the 'line' was. I started getting a seep after a bit, and I dialed the juice control down. This stopped the seep, but I started getting semi dry hits. I then wicked a little thicker until I found the sweet spot. I like as little cotton or wick as possible to allow better air flow. Wicking isn't really rocket science, but it can be hard to get it the same every time. With juice control ( and a reasonable build ) you can take a slightly less than perfect build, and dial it in as opposed to starting over.

The orchid is a prime example of this. I still love the orchid, but it was a little finicky to get it wicked right. Granted, after one builds it a few times, you get the hang of it. Even then there is an occasional time you just have to re do it ( or at least for me ). Juice control allows one to adjust for this without rebuilding IME, or at the very least, it definitely helps this. Then there are other situations one can't control vvv

Aside from the two great examples of controlling the juice that you mentioned, others would be...pressure changes e.g. seasonal changes, altitude changes, pocket carry, top filling ( I top fill mine ).

I notice that juice flows different in the winter than summer. Juice control can help this without adjusting the build

I live in the foothills of a mountain range. As I travel up in the elevation, I have had attys leak all over me. With juice control, I can turn it off until I'm ready to 'pressurize' the tank without wasting a drop. Heating up in a pocket can produce the same effect. Before this, I was carrying my devices upside down to avoid this problem.

For me anyway, I will use this atty over any other that I have for the reasons mentioned unless of course I lose it or gets stolen. I will then use what I can until I get another :D

I will agree that I don't use it as much after I get it set ( aside from off and on ), but it is nice to be able to adjust the juice.

It's the logical evolution of atty's IMO. The next step will be 'wick less' technology LOL

unrealistic expectations lend to disappointment
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+1 details
Making up for wicking mistakes makes a lot of sense, and wasn't something I thought of. I also live in Louisiana so no threats of my elevation changing enough to affect the air pressure around me during a normal day... lol

But yeah, both are very good points!