I broke the drip tip, and I need a replacement (in black color with 1 O-ring). Does anybody know if the replacements are available on fasttech?
I found one (SKU: 4470100), but it is out of stock.
I would take even a toptank mini's drip tip (even though it is shorter) as long as it is of the same color (black). Presently, I am using my toptank mini's drip tip with my subtank mini.

A couple of other questions regarding drip tips:

1. Does any 510 drip tip fit subtank mini or should it be made specifically for subtank mini?

2. I found a few 510 drip tips with 2 O-rings on them. Do they also fit subtank mini?
The drip tip that came with my subtank mini has/had 1 O-ring (red color) and the O-ring sits in the groove of the subtank mini when the drip tip is pushed down. So I am not sure if 510 drip tips with 2 O-rings will fit subtank mini.

3. I see 510 drip tips made from different materials: POM, Teflon, Acrylic, Silicone, etc. What are the differences between those materials in terms of vape quality/experience, durability of the drip tip, safety, etc?