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1st rebuilding
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#1 (permalink)      8/16/2016 2:11:41 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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1st rebuilding
Hi, I'm going to buy my first RTA (sxk kayfun v5 or/and Tilemahos v2 plus) and I would like some tips on which wire to use on these atoms. Kanthal or Nickel? Which is the difference between Heating wire and Resistance wire? Thanks
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Since you're just starting out, I highly recommend trying nr-r-nr wire (non resistance - resistance - non resistance).

They are simple to use, have a known resistance before you wrap your coil, and have non-resistance lead wires that won't transfer heat to your atomizer base and give you "hot legs" like normal wire builds can.

For longevity/durability sake, there are some that come with kanthal a-1 resistance sections (the part you make into your coil). When you click the link to check them out, skip past the ones with "kanthal nichrome" in the title. They are good too, but they are nikrothal, not nichrome or kanthal a-1.

They are also available with stainless steel resistance sections (SKU 3832000 and SKU 3832104 also because they don't show up in searches). Stainless steel wires are a bit more in need of advanced knowledge to use correctly, but many folks, me included, swear that SS wire performs best.
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Masanijey wrote:

Hi, I'm going to buy my first RTA (sxk kayfun v5 or/and Tilemahos v2 plus) and I would like some tips on which wire to use on these atoms. Kanthal or Nickel? Which is the difference between Heating wire and Resistance wire? Thanks

stainless steel is the easiest wire to use.
nickel is reasonably difficult & can only be used on a Temperature Control mod.
stainless teel can be used on all mods, in any mode.
kanthal is not good at all in TC.

steam engine is a very good site.

ss304 SKU 3206900 is slightly better for temperature control than ss316 SKU 3361703 for TC
and the reverse is true for all other modes.

It is a tiny difference.

The lower the Heat flux the cooler the vape.

imo, more wraps = more flavor

stainlesss teel gives a cleaner flavor than kanthal.

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Welcome to the fun & crazy, often purely insane ride that is coil rebuilding.
1 tip. there's only 1 way to do it, thats your way.

oh yeah, ohms law has a little say in that too.

stay safe!

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Masanijey wrote:

Which is the difference between Heating wire and Resistance wire? Thanks

It's the same thing.

The other wire is "non resistance wire" which isn't "heating wire" as well.

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Ohm's law, yes. If your going to use a mechanical personal vaporizer (PV) get an ohm meter to check that your resistance is what you assume it should be before vaping with it. Thinner wire=higher resistance(higher ohms) thicker wire=lower resistance(lower ohms). Nichrome (not nickel) is what the first e-cigs used for their coils and because it was considered safe it was kept in usage. Kanthal came along also because is was considered safe. The reason why they are both used is because they have different electrical resistances, nichrome resistance is lower and kanthal is higher and people have their own preferences. As you are just starting to rebuild it might be safe to start with thinner wires that give higher resistances (1-1.5ohms) and are used in setups that don't require a lot of power to get a satisfying mouth to lung vape (10-20 watts). 28-30 gauge is a good place to start. I for example never needed to go lower than 28gauge. This is a good 28G kanthal here SKU 2221000. You also have coiling calculators like this one that can do pretty much all the math for you.

Buy batteries according to what power requirements you have (10Amp continuous discharge batteries minimum) and stay with the high end manufacturers Sony, Samsung and LG because they are making most of the batteries on the market and the cells they keep for selling will be the best always. Same for chargers, Nitecore or Xtar.

For wicking, cotton is pretty much the standard. Make sure you buy organic cotton, non-bleached or processed with any other chemicals. Ko gen do, Muji are good sources ( Japanese organic cotton) but you can also find 'selected' cotton that is intended specifically for vaping like Wick ā€˜Nā€™ Vape Cotton Bacon V2 which can be not as easy to find or more expensive but you are sure it's good cotton.

Any questions, fire away :)

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i was using kayfun 4 as my first device. :))
very good to start training in making coils

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I'm for stainless steel, sometimes nickel is unpredictable

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