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XTAR VC4 vs. Nitecore D4....!!!
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#1 (permalink)      9/27/2015 1:23:35 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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XTAR VC4 vs. Nitecore D4....!!!
Which one is better Xtar vc4 or Nitecore D2??
currently i m using Nitecore D2 charger and i want to upgrade it
any suggestions guys...
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I have a VC2 and an I2. They charge at about the same rate but the Intellicharger makes the batteries hot. The Xtar has brought back a battery that read a flat zero volts. Must have done a good job because now I can't figure out which battery it was.
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Depends on which capabilities you're looking for, as always.
Both brands seem to be good quality and reliable ones.

- Nitecore D2 is compatible with Li-ion and other types of chemistry (Ni-MH etc.), but doesn't tell you the mAh you've added after a completed charge.

- Xtar VC2 gives you the mAh but it only accepts Li-ion batteries.

- Xtar VC2 Plus Master (or whatever) accepts almost all kinds of chemistry as D2 does but will not tell you the mAh anymore.

Now I guess all this can be applied to D4/VC4 but I'm not sure.

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I like my Nitecore better than my XStar. The XStar display, in my opinion, is just gimmicky and not necessary.
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I prefer the Nitecore just because I don't have space on my wall for the DC transformer at the outlet. You can make a case for having the transformer separate from the charger might keep the batteries a bit cooler while charging. I haven't witnessed much heat coming from my Nightcore D2 charger.

I am not sure of the charge rates, but I do believe a Nightcore D4 charger is only as fast at charging batteries as the D2, if it has only 2 batteries being charged at a time in specific slots. I could be wrong.
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I like the VC4 but mine has started playing up a bit. Not the unit itself but the USB charging cable.
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I use xtar it's been going strong for over year without any problems,that's just the 2slot wan,I use 1slot wan for my bedroom ,again no issues,I'm upgrading to 4slotter too
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I like my soshine hv2 more than the xtar.
Will only do 2 batts, but theres a 4 batt version.
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The xtar charges 2 batteries @ 1A where the Nitecore only @ 0.75A
4 batteries xtar charges @ 0.5A and Nitecore @ 0.375A
If price is the same for both then go xtar.
I'm using the Nitecore D4 for 2 yrs now with no problems at all.
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A bit of a confusing story but I have both. I've used the D4 daily at home for a year and it's been flawless. I bought the VC4 recently to replace it at home and brought the D4 to work. I had a D2 at work but we now have 3 vapers there and we needed a 4 bay charger. The D2 took more than a year of fabrication shop abuse with no issues.

I thought the VC4 display would prove gimmicky but now I prefer it because I can read the volts from a greater distance away. I also like the green/red lights on the VC4 for the same reason.

At work, it would be nice if either of them were wall mountable. I'm considering getting longer body screws for the D4, mounting it on a peice of plywood or sheet metal, and mounting that to a wall.

If I had to pick one right now it would be the D4 because, so far, it's proven durable. If the VC4 lasts just as long I'd choose it for the display.
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Soshine SC-S2. Does 1 amp per slot. I've had it almost 3 years now and still works like a champ.
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