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Unexpected rust
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#41 (permalink)      2/21/2015 7:55:58 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Starting to regret not ordering the other one because of not wanting the copper pin

I bought some clear nail polish for coating syringes (preserve markings). Could have carefully added a drop on each magnet to seal them. Can't do that with this sku, not enough space.

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I bought some stuff called Penetrox to put on some of my connections. A small bottle goes a long way. I also use mineral oil and graphite but this might hit better with the former. I am not sure who made this vapers' rule that you MUST let things corrode just because they will.

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KF4 Leaking? For a more secure seal, replace the o-ring #16 with one that is 1.5mm cross section. SKU 1536606 or SKU 1536607
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Has anyone tried a swab with CocaCola? Maybe would stabilize the rust on the chipped magnet coating and make it less "cancerous"? Just a thought...

What a shame that a clever design like this is bolloxed by poor implementation.I can see ways round this but only at the manufacturing stage. Meanwhile finding an appropriate coating seems the only way forward. I'd start with ptfe spray or thin lacquer and polish it back on the contact surface but I haven't got one in front of me and I could have misunderstood the necessaries.

Good luck with it anyway guys.
Good Idea - transfering extremely hot Mad Dog 357 chilli sauce to dropper-type, e-liquid bottle. Bad Idea - keeping it with other e-liquid bottles...