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One short and you are done
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#21 (permalink)      3/5/2015 3:31:10 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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johnny_469 wrote:

Andyk wrote:I have been using Fortune mod since some time.1). One short, just one short blew the magnets away. Had to buy new.2). Have to replace magnets each month because of the dust ruining the chrome (or whatever it is) plating from the magnets.3). This mod has a huge potential of auto-firing in your pocket.I may be wrong on the third one, who knows for sure unless you own one. But, the first two are valid points. Been there, done that.Isn't the current carried by the magnets in the fortune mod? The magnets in this switch are not in the current path.

Anybody that would put this mod in their pocket without locking the switch first is an idiot and probably shouldn't be using a mech mod in the first place.

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Ugh...Think I will cancel the order for a Fortune and get another one of these. Thanks for the tip, Andyk and TazCat.
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