The screws that FT sells, the heads are just a little too large to fit between the posts on either side of each screw (at least the ones I bought) so you would have to file down the sides of the heads a bit or file back the insides of the posts on each side of the screw.

But if you wanna try for yourself, you need M2X3mm screws SKU 3989104 The tops of the heads are not flat like the ones that come with the RBA, but that doesn't matter. You just need the bottom of the head to be flat in order to properly trap the wire.

The screw on the side that holds the chamber on is 1.4M X 2mm and FT doesn't sell that size. I have read on the forum that this set SKU 4639800 has 1.4MX2.5 and they fit fine, but you have to buy the whole set of screws LOL.