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Coolest stuff but the future of mighty steam is here!
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Coolest stuff but the future of mighty steam is here!
1"1"23Hi men, i thing that subtank is the one of the greatest clearo ever, but some days ago i tried to vape crius and bought smok sfv4 and when i make my own cloud at 110wt with my quadripple coil i change my mind about new kanger products, nothing of them new products can do anything like smok does. And at the end i dont use my subtank for a week and when i tried to vape it i undertand that there is a black hole beetwin smok tfv4 and any of kanger products, so why kanger dont make cool and mighty coils and clearo?

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I agree, there are so many better tanks now but I still use my subtank mini/plus when I go to work because it does not use tons of juice like newer tanks that does big clouds.