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The new subtank mini 2015?
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#11 (permalink)      8/1/2015 7:17:56 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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baldar wrote:

10 engineers in fluid mechanics probably worked for months on this innovation.vapinghexe wrote:The new RBA

I have 2 of the V1 stye. Myself and any other V1 user I know of all drilled 2.5mm holes into our chimneys.
To be honest, I didn't notice any difference in taste.

I am one of the rare ones that doesn't care for the subtank mini taste
always found it muted
had long given up on them
had tried 2 different pre built coils plus the new TC coils, and rebuild dozens of time and it always left me "bleh"

was going to toss them out but ordered, as one last ditch effort
the clear bell caps for $1+ here
switched them both out for that on Thursday and am actually enjoying them again
it will never be my fav tank
but at least it is now more than useable

and i am actually enjoying them for the first time
but for the life of me cant understand why a bell cap would have made that difference

would be curious to try out the V2 if they ever arrive here though
and give them one last try
fro they are the easiest dec to build upon and its a pleasure after so many dual coil fiddly small decks
and such easy filling on the kanger as opposed to the bottom filled tanks
that never seem to fill before I have aged a decade causing me to give up and go through the top

so +1 for getting the v2 version in here this decade

(*~*) Was bored to death.. RIP :)
#12 (permalink)      8/3/2015 11:58:43 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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I have the new RBA, which is the RBA+. It will fit in this sub tank mini?
#13 (permalink)      9/9/2015 1:22:31 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Please tell me there's a new base? 2 or 1 holes of the air?? The head of RBA or RBA Plus?