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is there anything better? (with RBA option)
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#11 (permalink)      5/16/2015 6:04:58 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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For RTA's have a look at an Orchid V6, its a cracking little dual coil RTA and its dirt cheap, the Lemo is good also but a bit more expensive.

as an after thought, if your not supposed to be tooting your vape at your acadamy, your not going to be able to get away with using a sub-ohm tank, they tend to chuck clouds lol
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#12 (permalink)      5/17/2015 2:43:37 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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that Lemo 2 looks quite well, top/side filling seems very tempting. Dont know about orchid, from what i see its more or less dual coil kaifun, maybe its better but I want to try something different from kayfun type rta or more inovative in design, but thank you for replays.