I would personally prefer a pyrex Protank which I find easier to fill with less spillage and requires that you screw in a new tiny wick infused bottom coil when it goes bad. The attractiveness of this 618 Carto tank is the top carto protrusion that allows the stem to attach, outside of that I don't see the appeal of this tank.

That aside, my issue is that he T1 Tank can't hold the stem on the downward pointing battery heavy mod end. I would think that Pipe 618 would use a threaded tank like an i-Clear 30 with a stem rather than a knuckle head drip tip.

Am I the only one who believes that a treaded stem would make this the best pipe ever? I haven't found this anywhere in my extensive search, which I believe is a crime (especially when your expensive e-pipe bowl flys off). I suppose I will have to find a pipe threader if no-one offers this common sense item.