I'm a bit of a hack. I've made other things like a vibrato effects pedal and the back of one of my guitars is a mess, but if I keep sketching the diagram in different ways I can usually eliminate a wire or two.

This box mod is in planning for me, so you have that over me. :P

I need to get the box first for proper measurements because it's really small and I might not be able to fit it all in, it's down to millimetres. I want to use a wooden usb box. It's approx 80 x 50 x 25 mm and it needs to fit 2 x 14650.

This project will keep me busy for a while... :)

I hope to make some structural parts part of the circuit in keeping with the mech idea and reduce the number of components. I think a lot can be solved by design and I have a limit of what tools I can use. This could be the beginning of a really fun hobby.