Cloud86 wrote:

Ok I finally received my red coil master and I 'm pleased to confirm that my set is not defective as I feared after reading the reviews for the blue set. I tried it right away with different wires and had no problems at all winding them. In my opnion this thing performs much better than the kuro coiler with thinner wires (32 awg) as it doesn't require god-like dexterity and luck to handle; thicker wires work well too however you need more strength to wind them than when using a kuro coiler due to the coil master's smaller diameter. The only real cons I found in my set are the holes in the 1 and 1.5 mm bases: they are not deep enough to accommodate the full length of their poles and it is thus impossible to fit them properly in the box. below are some pics of my first coils (28 awg a1, 32 awg nichrome and 0.46 mm) and a comparison with the kuro coiler. I'm very satisfied with the product and for the price I can't possible complain about the construction quality or the middle cap's threading , which are both more than decent in my opinion. Also, no red screwdriver...Pictures

.. nice I am glad to hear that yours works. I don't understand why there is a big difference in the red one . go figure. red is in.. glad it works..