Using a rolled up 500 mesh inserted into a micro coil is one of my favorite way to build my genesis style RBAs (RSST, Kraken, etc.). The flavor is not as perfect as cotton build in a RDA, but it is still excellent IMO.

One reason I use mesh in a micro coil is the ease of use. It is much simpler to build and rewick with a mesh than it is with cotton. Also after a day of usage, when the flavor has decline due to buildups, I take the mesh out of the coil, fire to burn/clean the coil, torch the mesh, then reinsert it back in the coil. Enhancing the flavor..., it is like a brand new build without an actual rebuild. Again. I am talking about genesis style RBAs only.

I mentioned 500 mesh. It is cost almost twice as much as 400, but 500 is the way to go IMO as 500 wicks substantially better, easier to roll, and wicks perfectly - without a single dry hit (my builds: 1 to 1.5 ohm, 50PG/50VG, at 15-16 watt).

When I started doing builds for genesis style RBAs, I would roll my mesh then wrap it with kanthal, but I no longer do that because the build I described earlier is much simpler (usually no hot spots, cleaning, rewicking, over all maintenance, etc.).

Long story short (too late!), give mesh a try for your genesis style RBAs. After a few builds most likely you will not go back to cotton or silica... again I am talking about genesis style only.

Good Luck,