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Double Crime?
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#161 (permalink)      5/18/2015 6:28:54 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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I see, so when you link to things I've said, you're the paragon and champion of truth. Yet when I expose you as the lying bag of shit you clearly are, I'm a troll?

Make total sense child. Also, go fuck yourself.
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#162 (permalink)      5/18/2015 7:15:05 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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OP wrote:

This topic I consider as Closed.

and then...

OP wrote:


Oh, wait... i see...

OP asked the Staff for an imminent demise of his topic... maybe.

in 3... 2... 1...

Nb: OP, take it as you want, but this may be what you would have to do as quickly as possible, it seems your pompous joke titled "double crime" has gone on long enough now.

#163 (permalink)      5/18/2015 9:57:26 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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jenny wrote:

Hello, zatrix. I feel sorry to hear about the issue with your device. And I noticed that you have required replacement via your ticket, CS staff will arrange for you as soon as possible.

However, I have to say that it is not a double crime and FastTech customers are always telling truth here. If they had ever met the same issue with this item, they would report it here and let other members know. And they all know that better FastTech will bring them better products with better prices. No one will spend money on a scam site for a few years.

Thank you.

zatrix wrote:


Just guessing here, but it doesn't seem like a replacement is what he is really after.

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#164 (permalink)      5/19/2015 12:08:32 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Make sure this tool gets 'one of the special' ones please.

#165 (permalink)      5/19/2015 2:33:26 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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I think the OP should seek medical attention. As is evident he is clearly not stable. And I'd also request he has his internet switched off.

The amount of contradictions and repetitiveness is astounding.

I think he went 'Full Retard'