voiceoverip wrote:

Got it today from that Italian shop for $ 88, it actually ships from Slovenia lol, 3 days in the mail, total 5 days from order :DI bought this for longevity on a low wattage so I can't comment on high power output. But with a KF4 or an Orchid V6 15-30W, this thing is spot on. - 510 is good although ohms jump .1-.2 unless you let the positive pin on the atty protrude, - Fire delay about .3 seconds firing from sleep, instant fire when on- nice all-round finish and coating- nice flat fire button which is neither too soft nor too hard. - +- buttons are nice but wattage setting is a bit too fast too quickly- display design is awful and doesn't take advantage of the screen size but it works- feels a little edgy even if the corners are beveled and a bit big and heavy but acceptable for my big hands, better with the sleeve- Samsung -25R batteries are a very tight fit- battery door magnets auto seat the door- silicone sleeve reeks of kerosene even after a wash with hot water and dish washing soap, fits well and is not too hard to put on or take off.With my low wattage usage, I hope to get 2-3 days of battery life out of it, we shall see. It works as advertised but on the V2 I would recommend a recessed fire button even if the one mounted is good, a little less nervous settings and a little more compact/rounder design, I don't think it needs to be that high. All in all this is my best purchase in the last few months, it's a keeper!

italian site? need more info plox :)