Batteries empty! It lasted exactly 45.5 hours and allowed me to vape 5x KF4 at 13W, one Orchid V6 at 27 watts and most of an Aqua V2 at 27 watts as well. I did vape about 1ml on another device during that time.

The battery life indicator reduces faster once it's below 50%, from 20 to 0% it only took about 1 hour with a Kayfun. Finally, when it showed 00% it still allowed me about 20 puffs until it said empty battery and refused to fire.

The vape quality gets thinner towards the end of the battery life, clearly noticeable even though it was firing my KF4 at only 4.2V, still way below serial battery voltage.

My volt meter measured both empty used and unmarried -25R cells at 3.09v which is decent. It probably would be good to replace the batteries around 20-30% charge, which is really 90% of the total stamina gone, to keep a constant vape experience, but I wanted to try it to its limits.

Love the box so far, it's just a pity about the screen layout which almost requires reading glasses for me. With other mods I go through 2 to 3 18650's a day.