ShelaghStone wrote:

In fact when I began rebuilding, i aimed for a coil for between 1.0 - 1.5 and either or was always good------doubt she'd notice if new and even if she did, i would suspect it to be such a small difference it wouldnt matter

idk bro she is a picky woman.. hah, but i just picked up a 5 pack of ni200 coils,so ya might as well get her those vertical 1.5 coils. right now she has the vertical 1.2 coils(came with her subtank nano along with .5ohm vert coil.. but either way .3 ohms on the build isn't much right, and who knows what its really firing at even..
REGARDLESS Thanks for all your input guys.
It is/was much appreciated!!! One thing fasttech does have for sure is a great community.