Good Grief!!!

for comparison...
I'm only using Aerotanks, set for maximum air MOTT.
70Vg/30 then let down with flavour conc. and alcohol, <10%

8-15w an Vamo and max with a 15w kick on the mechs.

Needed my first new coil yesterday since September or October.

I've occasionally swapped out the coils for new ones, temporarily, to see if flavour has deteriorated, then swapped back.

On my Nero_Fireplace, Yocan 94Fs and Cloutank_M4 I'm still on the original coils though I DID swap out the 94F double coil for a stovetop ASAP

Is the subtank some sort of coil recycling device then?

OH - always 0% nicotine. Does niocotine rot coils?