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How often do you have to change the replacement coils?
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#21 (permalink)      4/14/2015 10:26:06 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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With pretty clear/colorless liquid, I am getting a couple months per .5 OHM replaceable coil. Have had one Authentic .5 OHM go after 3 days, but that seemed like a crap piece of work, not the usual. We get shorter lifespans with darker colored &/or tobacco juices, which seem to cut down about 25% of the lifespan. My partner seems to go through her 1.2 OHM coils a little quicker in general, and faster still when vaping darker juices - 3 - 5 weeks average, then.
My results with the SubTank rebuildable platforms has been more varied, but still the longest working builds have been w/organic cotton, 2x28g coils @ .45 - .5 OHM, about 6 weeks using near-colorless liquid, as with the replaceables. Also had some builds go over in a few days - again, they were probably crap builds.
It seems like some folks are going through these coil heads pretty quickly; it may be differences in how we are using them. I use tanks primarily while I am working, and almost exclusively with pretty clear ejuices. I use a Subtank, .5 OHM coil w a cloupor mini, somewhere between 10W - 15W. I use a mech mod w/RDA's the rest of the time. I run through about 2.5ML fluid/day in the tank, maybe 3/4 of my daily vaping time. It also may be that some devices/mods beat the low resistance coils up more than others, or that the juice that you run through them influences performance and longevity of the coil. I would be pretty irritated if I got less than a few weeks out of an average coil, however. I have come to sort of expect a Month as a reasonable lifespan expectation for replaceable coils.
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Depends on your juice and how much you vape. I would say an average is around 3 or 4 days.
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I say longer and I Vape very heavily.....mine last a few weeks although admittedly I have a few tanks so I am not using the sub mini non stop---i no longer use them as i now rebuild but just 2 months ago i stopped using them but i found they lasted very well even though i am vaping on cereal juice which is harder on them
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when you have a dirty liquid (dark) you can have a Problem that you must change Coils dalily , when liquid is clean the Coils hold for 1-4 Weeks but you can change (German =Glasfaser) with wadding with dualcoils too Thats only a fumbling but a good way