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so what is the difference between SKU 2022300
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#1 (permalink)      3/11/2015 9:39:55 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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so what is the difference between SKU 2022300
so is it worth paying $35 for this verses.I have the SKU 2022300 that is little over $14 and I am impressed for the money. ok the tank has little wobble, and the screw hole are little big sometimes with 28g I will have to shim the hole and put a little peace of Kanthal in there. but I mite not have had the Kanthal right under the screw? not that big of deal, I found out one time I had play in the coil lead, it was because when I put the Kanthal thu the hole it went to the side of the screw, my bad, all in all I like it nice flavor, no leaking, and I love the design that you can take the tank off with out draning the tank. sweet moist vape, love my tribute juice in there you gotta love it baby,, good price. VAPE ON MY FRIENDS

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Have you ever thought about replacing with longer screws, Save using shims.
Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder. Fasttech don't pay me for this I just get a bonus.