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Recieved [breakdown pics and review]
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Positive post wasn't screwed down properly - didn't realise and messed up my first build.

2nd build was messed up because I didn't realise you needed to put the wire directly through the middle of the posts, if the wire diverts to a different hole it doesn't get caught by the screws.

3rd build works fine. 1.2ohms, two coils of 0.25mm kanthal. Labo puff cotton, going down the channels.

Even at 14watts it's great and more flavourful than my kayfuns (to be expected with a dual coil).

sits pretty nicely on the zero sx mod too.
- Jon "vMagix"
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Snorkelwhacker wrote:

MichelArgouet wrote:
But the filling method is not the best.
Need a table if you don't have 3 hands...

1 for the mod with the base.
2 for the tank/ chemney
3 for the bottle

...a bottle with needle.

Hmm.. I hold the mod/base and tank/chimney in the same hand adjacent to one another.

I don't use a needle bottle, either. 100% VG and needle bottles are a no-go. I use a glass dropper pipette.

(The dropper bottle is held in the same hand as the mod/base and tank/chimney.)

mmh !!

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