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Clean in Vodka
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#1 (permalink)      8/11/2019 6:57:00 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Clean in Vodka
I've been soaking coil units like these in Vodka for a few years now, and it seems to work well. I take the clearomiser apart but leave the coil together. A few days seems to do it but sometimes a week if I haven't cleaned them for a while. I let them air dry for several days. I then check to make sure the coil is screwed into the base and check the resistance, then just fill them and let them sit for a few days (upright). I don't dry burn them. The Vodka seems to mix with the e-liquid easily; the first hit is a little weak but it clears up right away.

I haven't decided whether the type of Vodka matters. I tend to use whatever I'm drinking at the time, unless it's one of thhose real fancy (read expensive) brands. It only takes about 4 ounces (just enough to cover the pieces); not a lot of money even if you use Stoli. Maybe some day I'll tey Grey Goose.

One other thing; the whole clearomizer comes out clean as a whistle, looking like new. Pit them in a bowl, add Vodka, swish around, let it soak, swish a few more times, let them dry........but don't drink the Vodka afterwards. It tastes really bad....don't ask how I know.
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Gee, those coils bring back memories from many years ago.
What clearomizer(s) are you using them in?

In my days I used to dry burn before I soaked them. I had the impression I got rid of more residue that way.
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I've been cleaning pre-made coils with vodka since the days of cigalike cartomizors. Rinse with hot water, soak in vodka for about 24 hours, let air dry for a day or two. It's an excellent disinfectant cleaner and nontoxic. I prefer using "middle shelf" brands like Burnett's. Not too expensive for cleaning and still good for drinking =D
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I don't know about cleaning coils, but back in the day, I used to use vodka to thin e-liquid when DIYing. Never bothered with distilled water, and worked a treat.
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I don’t clean the coils with vodka, I use hot water, I add a little disinfectant spray there