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How to save 2 bucks
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How to save 2 bucks
I purchased some time ago the FT-12Watt Kick, SKU 1501000.
Recently this one. I compared both Kicks with the same atomizer - no difference.
I then compared them visually - no difference. Every little component is exactly the same. Also the dimensions are the same.
The only tiny differences was the reading on the dial "13.5" (on the Sigelei) versus "12" on the FT Kick, and some very minor differences how letters/numbers are printed on some components.

I've compared them against each other and with a Vamo V5 at 12 watt. There is no difference other than the price.
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I have both and the other is working way better. At first maybe I was too noob to notice, but now when I switch them I can feel the difference very well - more power.

But I purchased both a long time ago and this one had numbers written inside up to 10, so maybe it was another batch or earlier revision.