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aqua vs kayfun
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#11 (permalink)      1/4/2014 6:49:19 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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With aqua a full liquid tank only last about 2h (2ml@dual coil) and you will need a few adjusts to make him work properly!

If you dont go for Sub Ohm and you can only choose one go with kayfun (no brain) , if you can buy both and also origin mod go for it (21mm)

Personaly i just bought another kayfun ;)

Best regards

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Owning both, I find myself using the kayfun more. I do use the aqua on my origin, but the capacity and slightly wobbly nature of the aqua make it more of an "at home" device for me. If you had to pick just one I'd say you won't be unhappy with your kayfun, stick with that.
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I have an original Kayfun V3.1, Kayfun Mini V2.1 and Kayfun Lite... A also used its clones.
After Taifun GT, people said that Taifun is better, I've tried an original for a while, I bought a good clone, and yes, it is a very succesfull atomizer. If it is not better it is equal in performance.

And then Aqua.. people says it is better than Kayfun... maybe it is.

But I must admit after a period, still the Kayfun is my favorite, I use it more. Because it is stable, easy, durable, reliable... sometimes simple is the best.

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#14 (permalink)      1/4/2014 8:59:33 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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the kayfun must have smoother feeling.

maybe you can buy both.

but i personally recommend the kayfun.

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ive had a none ft tobeco un etched for a couple weeks now, far better vape than the kayfuns, yes i have tried the kayfuns, its a drinker especially as a twin coil, mines hybridized onto a ft origen clone, in my humble opinion its better than even the kraken
#16 (permalink)      1/4/2014 9:04:17 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Aqua is good for playing With clouds but thats it, life is easier with kayfun.
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In my opinion Kayfun.

1) Good or bad, with Kayfun you know exactly what you are getting.

2) Kayfun has "passed the test"; it has been around a while so many of its issues has already been resolved.

3) Kayfun looks great on 99% of mods.

4) Simple single coil build.

5) Optional parts such SS tank, DT adapter, replacement screws are available everywhere. Most likely FT will start carrying the K-Nano parts shortly.

You may want to hold off on this for a couple months and see what type of reviews it gets.

Again, in my opinion....
#18 (permalink)      1/4/2014 10:45:28 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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I prefer my Russian 91% over my Aqua (Tobeco clone).
I can't write a review because I didn't buy it here.
I don't have a Kayfun Lite clone (which I think is the closest thing to the 91%).
So maybe not a perfect comparison.

Russian 91%:
- Cleaner fill - no juice leakage - syringe isn't necessary (but may be easier and cleaner)
- Have to remove from mod to fill (from bottom)
- Better capacity
- Easy build (single coil - though dual coil is possible)
- Excellent flavor
- Decent wicking with subohm mirco coils (using cotton)
- Juice control -none- (you can cover the air intake hole and prime if getting dry)
- Airflow control (needs a small screw driver - but no big deal once find optimal draw
- Can use most standard 510 drip tips
- 22mm o.d. fits flush on a lot of mods
- Tank window option easily available (or comes with it).

- Easier to fill (from top - but can be messy if you don't do it just right)
- Juice control (but doesn't really work well - tank gets loose/wobbly when juice control/chimney is no completely closed)- almost useless feature (on Tobeco Clone)
- Drip tip well is wide and short - will not fit most other drip tips
- Low juice capacity
- Single coil build is not optimal due to the air holes placement (2 on the sides - nothing in the middle)
- Dual coils not exactly easy
- Chain vaping sub-ohm - tank/drip tip gets hot
- Will go through juice fast
- Airflow is good - but adjustment is weird since you have to screw in or out the tank - best to find your preferred draw and leave it alone. Tightening compresses liquid in tank causing flooding and leaks.
- Excellent flavor
- 19mm o.d. doesn't fit flush with most mods beside the Origin (looks good on my "naked" DaVapes Poldiac clone though).
- Clear tank available elsewhere (doesn't come with one and cost almost half what the entire atomizer cost me).

Chi-you battery rattle adjuster pin DOES fit in Aqua's 510 pin for hybrid connection.

I think that's it.
Hope that helps.
Buy the Kayfun Lite.
#19 (permalink)      1/4/2014 11:04:52 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Aqua and Kayfun are both toys. Ithaka. : )
Rube Goldberg would get a kick out of "temperature control" devices.
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On paper one draw back on the Aqua is the tank IMO.

For two reasons:

1. The small capacity

2. No view ports so the only way to know you are out of juice is a dry hit (or burnt cotton) or constant opening and checking the juice level.

If I could only have one I would choose a Russian 91% over this or the Kayfun. I prefer a device that has a very long run time between battery changes and juice fills. Still the Aqua is an interesting device and like most devices has a few pros and cons. The Aqua should be great for dual coil sub ohm. Just check the juice every time you change the battery which will be fairly often (during sub ohm use).
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How do these protank's on steroids stack up to a genesis? I usually use gennny's and this will be my first tank of this type. Got it because its 'gonna look fantastic on my origin clone. Looks like the vape might resemble a dual dripper, or, that's my hope. Cant wait (forever lol) to coil it up!
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