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?Can I put one of these in a tablet to charge it's battery?
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#1 (permalink)      2/3/2016 6:07:51 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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?Can I put one of these in a tablet to charge it's battery?
Hello guys. I have a tablet that its feeding system function poorly. With only its micro-USB for charging, once plugged in, it’s only provides 1.7 V, instead of 3.7 V (2.5 V ~ 4.2 V) on the Motherboard between + and -- that goes to the battery.
My question is : I wanted to know if I can put one of these charging modules connected directly to the battery of the tablet " " in parallel " " to be able to charge and to feed the tablet without damaging any three of them.
Some more info:
1- tablet: an [Archos 79 Xenon] the same as a [flylife connect 7.85 3G Slim] has damaged the battery: (swelled and broke the glass)
2- the battery: a [BL 7801. McNair MLP3084134-I86] 4000mAh with three cables (+, -, TH), but no visible thermal sensor.
3-the new battery: a [Great Power 336098 25MJU (J) -004] comes from an another tablet a [SALORA 10.1] at 5000mAh and has only two cable pols (+, -) it
had two identical cells with only one protection kit. The second cell was welded to the other end of the protective board (B +, B-)
(?? Now I would like to weld this module to same two points (B+ & B-) this way I do not need to touch the battery cables ??)
If more info or pictures needed, just let me know.
1000 thanks to you all in advance for your support and research suggestions.
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The lithium-ion/polymer battery in your tablet can be charged by this.