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Is it possible to Charging 6000mAh
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#1 (permalink)      4/17/2015 6:33:45 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Is it possible to Charging 6000mAh
Is chip capable of loading 2pcs 26650 batteries. Battery is 6000mAh
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As far as I know the chip doesn't care about mAh. It's the voltage telling how full it is independent of the capacity. So, yes.
*by Gwailo
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Kjellko, The chip can charge both the batteries, the voltage or potential difference is the key when it comes to deciding if the chip can charge them or not. But it is important to note here that since you’ll be charging two batteries, each drawing current, it might be a bit difficult to charge them both quickly. The current will be divided and it might take a longer time based on the current limitations of the board.

quick-turn pcb assembly

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#4 (permalink)      10/20/2015 10:50:47 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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It is perfectly possible to use multiple PCB's like this in paralell and hence increase maximum charging rate.
Hope this helps.