My all time fav clearo is the iClear30 - hands down... but now I see this new 30s & wondering if it's an improvement (if so, in what way) OR is the newer design for a little more $ just asking for trouble?

The thought that runs through my mind is whether or not the enclosed wicks pose more problems w/ gunking up more than usual?

Though I love these clearo's best, I seem to go through them pretty quickly - whether it be w/ eventual leaking, being unable to remove it from my mod b/c the bottom pin (attached to the head inside) starts spinning vs. unscrewing properly, or my mods/ ego not reading the head ohm correctly (like 9.9 or nothing attached) which seems like it's every time I clean/ wash it out & have to either replace the head or frequently have to buy the whole thing again. The problem is not my mod or ego's, as other clearo brands all work/ register fine.

Next time they make any new designs/ changes, wish they would consider a glass/ pyrex tank - maybe even go for larger capacity, even if slightly more like 3.5 or 4ml :)