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Watts And Volts
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#1 (permalink)      11/23/2014 12:37:31 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Watts And Volts
Hello guys!

So i've ordered a nemesis mechanical mod and this Kick module.
But there is 1 thing i wonder about. I was playing around with an ohm's law calculator.
and i saw that this Kick module goes up to 12 watts so i put in the 12 watts in the calculator
and also put in the ohm that my coil has, which is 2.5 ohms and i saw that the volts was 5.4?
But the batteries im using goes up to 4.2 volts freshly charged?

How does this work? Can it possibly drain 5.4 volts from a max 4.2 volt battery?

Please help me!
Cheers :)
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Electronic circuits do that.
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It increases the amperage drawn from the battery and converts it into higher voltage output.

Watts in = watts out. On regulated devices like these, resistance doesn't change the battery draw.

P(watts) = E(volts) X I(amps)

Fully charged battery: 12w = 4.2v x 2.86a
Half-drained battery: 12w = 3.7v x 3.24a

The amperage drawn from the battery increases as the battery voltage drops.

Output circuit to the atomizer remains constant.

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Yeti, i would tip you but the point system is still down.
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@ akke92,

this device is a: "Step-Up/Step-Down Converter" so called,(it performs both tasks),it is basically a "Switch_Mode" DC-DC converter that chops battery DC Voltage transforming it into width variable pulses, so controlling their energy content, supplying lower / or / higher voltage than the battery factory / charge voltage.
Current is obviously a consequence of the voltage applied to the coil resistance load, this is not a current pump...

"Switch_Mode" or "Chopper", or "Switching" DC converters are widely explained on the WEB, and they're common in many applications, like the powering of power LEDs recently, in automotive market. Try reading this article:
Boost Converter

- "Step_Up" is the process where the voltage is raised by this kick higher than the battery DC max voltage to deliver the chosen wattage (constant up to battery lower limit to get the kick to work)
- "Step_Down" is when the chosen wattage implies a Battery DC voltage reduction, as the required wattage could be low value.
The Ohm Law is just academy, in this discussion, unless you'd like to understand the Wattage value chosen by the trimmer knowing how to translate into voltage on the given coil resistance. (But don't forget we 're talking of "PWM - Pulse Width Modulation" and not about purely linear DC onto a pure resistor!)

PS: I forgot to add, the term VV=VariVolt, or VW=VariWatt, is just a convention, given that there are vapers who like to know vhat voltage is applied to the coil and make their calculations with the formula V2(square)/R, and others who like to drive power/wattage to the coil and control it.
None of these methods is the best or worst, it's as said just a convention...
/BTW I'm endlessly rolling on the floor laughing to death after reading some crappy explanations.....

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