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ICR batteries
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#1 (permalink)      11/18/2014 7:39:40 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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ICR batteries
First, I do not know too much about batteries, but I'm still lear learning; but I do have some difficulties with english techno-babble.

I read many pages about battery safety here in the past few hrs, and now my hea is spinning.

Questins: Are ICR batteries safe to use with this kick?

Thanks a bunch!

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Hi Sunshine1701, I'm using since a year or so 10x Samsung ICR 18650-26F in my Vamo V5 and Itaste 134 succesfully. I was told the chemistry used is safe...
I don't think the Kick is different from many electronic circuits adopted in VV/WW mods.

My 2 cents,
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+1 details

11/18/2014 7:39:40 PM Sonnenschein1701
(...)Questins: Are ICR batteries safe to use with this kick?Thanks a bunch!

"safe"? ---> hm, ICR cells are NOT likely to fail in an unpredictable manner or be damaged if used in a kick, as the kick's circuitry will handle errors (i.e. not work) such as short-circuits, voltage-too-low, etc. (however, they won't be very useful...)

"useful"? ---> ICR cells will NOT be very useful in a kick as their chemistry is more "geared" towards capacity, and not discharge rate.


For use in a kick it is always recommended that one use a high-discharge cell, such as those using IMR chemistries, or hybrid variants thereof.
i.e. look for unprotected "high-discharge" cells. (the kick's circuitry will provide the "protection" functionality)

(If it makes it easier: if you consider ICR cells as being like a car with a large fuel tank,but not very powerful engine, then IMR cells would be one with a powerful engine but smaller fuel tank.
For useful results in a kick, discharge rate is more important than capacity.
Cells capable of over 4A and up to 10A discharge rate will be fine for use with a kick - more will just be wasteful)

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Know your device maximum needs and pick batteries accordingly.
You might also want to plan on future usage while choosing them.

The kick, if it actualy can reach 12 watts, at the lowest resistance reported to work (1.2 ohms), would output only 3162 mA.
Let assume the kick could reach 15 watts, it would output 3536 mA at 1.2 ohms.

The current draw from the battery when its at 3 volts/12 watt would be 4000 mA.
And battery at 3 volts/15 watts it would be 5000 mA.

Samsung ICR 18650-26F are rated 5500mA continuous discharge.
Even Samsung ICR 18650-22F, rated at 4400mA continuous, will fit the task.

In this case, what batteries you should buy only depend in what device(s) you will need to use them in the future.

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