I actually built my own "Zapper" and it cost me about $60 in "quality" parts. Mine has a voltage display, charge and discharge buttons, 9-59 volt setting screw, dip switches for capacitor selection (500 micro farad increments up to 3000), and a switch to display capacitor vs supply voltage. It's easy but not too easy making something fancy. My future project would be to include an ohm checker using parts from the one sold here. All the schematics and design choices are available at the E-Cigarette Forum (ECF). I'm sure a large manufacturer/distributor like Fasttech can mass produce something similar to sell at a very affordable price.

Small Welder for joining Nichrome and Nickel Wires by gsaf

ECF Thread: Resistance-No Resistance wire welder

The part numbers and where to buy them are pretty much spelled out. So if you know your way around a soldering iron and pretty handy with a drill and file then you can make one yourself and not have to wait.