I haven't tried plugging my stuff on here but only responded to talk about my products, I wouldn't have posted otherwise. I am not talking about other wire welders maybe being produced by Chinese manufacturers either that is just business and I don't hold the copyright or anything so good luck to them, talking about my Zapper (Zapper being my product name) and posting the review video of it asking for it to be ripped off is another matter though. Then expecting me not to respond is outright stupid.
I have worked hard over the past 12 months producing the Zapper V1 + V2, sourcing quality parts, marketing and all the rest, the reason the price is what it is £44.99 is because such good parts are used and a lot of work goes into it and then there's overheads. The Zapper V2 is THE best wire welder on the market at the moment because of the hard work I have put into it. Just take this into account when asking for someones hard work to be ripped off.

It is also not comparable price wise to a Provari no matter where you live in the world, the provari is more than 3 times the cost.