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Why buy this just buy a Vamo or K200 PV to do the same thing
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#21 (permalink)      11/5/2013 3:54:47 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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For the original price of 30 bucks you could have bought a mm that was way more accurate. The new price is more realistic but still high for what it is. If they added a volt tester it would make more sense. Then it would do all the electrical work needed to vape. You still need to buy a multimeter or volt tester to cover the bases.

also FYI you could have bought a ohms board, battery box, and 510 connector for much less money (if you was going to rebuild it anyway).

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I use my Kmax as my resi tester as the Lavatube I got is a bit hit n miss and has been a bit out on checking with my multimeter, the Kmax is pretty on the ball for resi and volt output of a battery.

I will always bow to the pro's who say you need a resi tester for anything rebuildable, you plug a 30a battery into a direct short and wonder where your hand went O.o
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