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Will these fit a eVod 650maH
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#1 (permalink)      2/16/2014 6:14:22 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Will these fit a eVod 650maH
I am purchasing SKU 1609500 Authentic KangerTech eVod 650mAh Rechargeable Starter Kitand in the replacements section there is only 2.5 ohm coil heads available. however forum comments indicate a 1.8 ohm coil head would suit this kit better. So would this set fit please?
I am a beginner so tank recommendations for that kit.would be hugely appreciated too.
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Sorry no one has replied to this sooner but no those will not fit in an EVOD. The long part is too long and will leave a gap between the base and your tank. You need SKU 1387601 It's 1.8ohms.

The mah is only the size of your battery. It has nothing to do with your tank. I just looked up an EVOD and they listed the 3 skus for the replacement coils in the description.

You kit comes with all 2.5 ohms. 2.4/2.5 works better for my juices but most people get along well with a 1.8.
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