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#1 (permalink)      10/29/2013 4:29:21 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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I just bought one of these but I've been using the 3 airhole version for a while. The air holes are a good size and there are 2 on each side. The only atty I've bought that I don't feel needs any drilling. Adjustable 510 works, posts are solid, post screws suck, but you get post holes. I like having the 3 airhole version for single coils, and this version for dual coils. The base seems better constructed than the 3 airhole version. I think it's a winner. Not a total nimbus clone (no splash guard etc) but it's a great dripper for the price.
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winner all the way drilled my 4x 1mm holes to 4x 2mm, dual 28awg 3 wrap coils, x8 2mm silca(4+4)m16 brass sentinel, 18650 samsung 20a inr, the vape of my life! :)
I told you so !