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Plz help... Never bought a dripper before
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@pocariboy your welcome mate, what ever you do don't get this one SKU 1882904, yes it looks nice with the clear window so you can see how much juice you have left, but as my review on it the plastic tank threads strip out after a few weeks and then it useless.
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I started using RDA's only 6 months ago. I have only bought 5 different drippers so far for myself and many for other people. My favorite and easiest to work with so far is the Magma SKU 1718100. GF and others like it too. Nice deep well, easy to use/build on and after a cleaning, ready to use out of the box..
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@neovdr with all due respect sir the PlumeVeil has a shallow juice well and you can only get about 10 drops in it and it always leaks out of the air holes ( i know i own one and yes i love it too but about four big lunge fulls and it dry hits you big time ! )

Oh I agree with you on the shallow juice well. It is not like you refill after every puff though. With a 0.5Ω coil you can easily take 10 puffs between drips.