Hi All,

Need Big Help!

Pretty new to Vaping so a little lost. I have the Kanger Aerotank V2 & EMOW Tanks. I hate the new Dual Coils with the metal Sleeve. I want the older styles that can be stripped down & re-coiled/re-wicked.

Have heard that some of the Protank/Evod/MT3 etc coils will work but so many options on FT which all look the same to me but read some fit & some do not.

If possible, I strongly prefer the ones that might have a bigger airflow hole & Silicon seal grommet at the bottom as opposed to the nasty rubber ones that can burn.

Can someone please kindly let me know which would be the correct ones to buy for my tanks that are the Single & the older Dual Coil versions?

Also read that one might need extra grommets to go on top of stem - where are these on FT?

Many Thanks!!