Remove e-liquid child proof cap and reserve for later. There are thick spouts (Dekang) and thin spouts (Liqua). Pull spouts off with pliers wash and reserve. Add these FT needle tips by screwing in. First put neck ring of the cap on first and work it down the threads to sit on the Dekang bottle shoulder. Then screw these FT needle tops on. Easy Peasey!

Strange but most of the small bottles top things seem to be interchangeable. I can take a solid top off an empty Dekang or Liqua e-juice bottle and fit them on these FT bottles to make a more secure top. Some times a tiny trim with a scalpel also works. You can also put cling film over the open top and then screw on a cap for a double seal.

The best thing about these bottles is they squeeze really easily when you are dripping.

Happy steeping and blending guys!