"I'm not sure the NiMH could handle the load/amps."
"As high as 10 C discharge Rate."
"High capacity (1600 mAh) and high discharge rate (9C-12C)"
Does a 10 C discharge rate mean the rate is 10 X 1.6A = 10.6A? If that's what it means, then that seems comparable to a 18650 lithium ion battery.

"If you want quicker results stick a m80 in your mouth and light it, you may realize it wasn't a good idea."
The reason I would rather use NiMH instead of lithium ion is that NiMH are safer.

" Look into something in the variable voltage/wattage mods, your not ready for a mechanical mod."
Look into something called civility and courtesy. You're not ready for supplying helpful information.

The reason I would rather use NiMH is not because they are cheaper. It is because they are safer. Much safer than lithium ion.