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"Look into something in the variable voltage/wattage mods, your not ready for a mechanical mod."

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Here you might want to read this to as this is what happens when not using recommended batteries in mech mods:

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Via Stevevape.com

Before I go any further with this news item, this is NOT about the Florida e-cigarette explosion. This is about an incident that occurred shortly before that incident and it happened in Colorado.

According to the Courthouse News Service, a main filed a lawsuit in a Colorado court against Puresmoker. The suit claims the company’s Prodigy v. 3.1 e-cigarette device exploded spewing acid on the plaintiff. Now, here’s what is probably the most relevant part to the community.

Radio Shack Enercell batteries Hahn says he “purchased a Prodigy V3.1 electronic cigarette device from Pure Enterprises’ online store, at the website address of puresmoker.com.”

After buying the proper batteries from a (nonparty) RadioShack the next day, “Phillip Hahn was using the Prodigy energized by the Enercell batteries at his residence when the Enercell batteries inside the Prodigy suddenly and unexpectedly exploded,” the complaint states.

Clearly, this individual was using two 3.0v batteries in a stacked configuration in his Prodigy. The article, and presumably court documents indicate this was an Enercell branded battery carried by Radio Shack. I did a quick search over at RadioShack.com for Enercell 3.0v CR123A batteries. None of the batteries I found were protected or safe chemistry

Like most vendors Puresmoker has moved away from stacked batteries, so I don’t believe their current website has safety information specific to stacking. However, I’m pretty sure they did at the time, since any vendor in their right mind always stressed proper battery safety to avoid exactly this scenario.

This obviously differs from the Florida e-cigarette explosion case since we know more details this time. So, unless I am wrong about Radio Shack not carrying protected or IMR batteries under their house brand, I think this one really is a clear cut example of a consumer not following the guidelines from the vendor with tragic results.