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#21 (permalink)      8/6/2013 1:54:31 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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@Alex wasnt shouting,sometimes forget to unlock caps after the first letter & my answer was directed @gadabout since he asked,same for air controller, google it,its basically an adapter with a wider circumference to accommodate tanks.I dont know why European Vendors would not sell these adapters,maybe someone who lives there will chime-in.@Amiga thats kinda what I did with my s.steel Vamos threads,that regardless of being S.S they still partially stripped & the 510 connectors seal wore out in a bit less than 6-months of heavy use...Rather than solder the pos wire back to the original tiny pos pin,I just pulled it right out,Soldered the pos wire to the middle of a 510 to ego adapter + blocked the bottom hole at the same time with a solder plug so it wont leak inside & then applied a semi hard putty to the partially stripped threads & screwed down the new 510-ego adapter & Voila,New threads & Pos post seal issues fixed with one part & Soldering Skills.

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i purchased 3 airflow controllers from a uk suppier for 2.99 pounds each, they are out of stock now. fantastic things , flush mount and made of steel. makes me feel happy to know my threads are safe
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